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Tailgate Wine Pairings

Even though there is nothing like watching football with a great brew in hand, you don’t need to have a beer-only ootball party.  But the Serious Foodies at your party may not be your average American football fan. So, let’s impress them with a nice glass of vino to go with all those great football party munchies. This article focuses on wine suggestions that would work with most foods you’ll have on hand during the big game(s). Let’s start with the starters – chips & salsa, maybe some smoked salmon, or guacamole.   We think that the whites from Campania are magical with guacamole, like Greco di Tufo or Falanghina (try Taburno).  If you want a riper wine to cut through the spice, try Grüner Veltliner from the Wachau region (Hermann Moser, for example).  You want enough alcohol to match the weight and texture of the avocado, but enough acidity to match the lime.  These wines will also work well with shellfish & seafood (crab dip, shrimp, oysters).   If you are starting with something very spice, you can always go to a semi-dry Riesling.  It might be a wine-pairing cliche at this point, but these wines are perfect with Mexican food, […]

A Serious Foodie Primer on Using Marinades

Ask ten people about marinades, dry rubs, brine, and finishing sauces – and you’ll get at least five different answers and five blank stares.  Even among professional chefs there is plenty of confusion on how and when to use a marinade – and why sometimes it would be better to use a dry rub or a brine. Then, should you sauce or not? So, we thought you’d like to hear about some of the basic facts behind using each of these techniques so important for grilling and roasting.  In this article, we run through the basics on marinades.  All of the Serious Foodie sauces and marinades can be used with these techniques (click HERE to find the collection of Serious Foodie products). Basic Garlic Marinade Marinades Marinades, like dry rubs, are meant to impart extra flavor in meat, fish, or vegetables - but they are a bit trickier to use.  The food science is similar to dry rubs: salt, sugar, spices/flavorings - with the addition of an acidic component (lemon, lime, vinegar, etc.).  We love marinades when we want to give our foods bold flavors. Let's begin with a simple starter marinade recipe, which can be used to set up [...]

Hill Country Barbeque – Down Home Cooking in Downtown NYC

During our 10 day long foodie road trip during the week of Jan 6,  we intended to stop at a number of BBQ dives along the way from NYC to Florida.  We’re not barbeque experts, but we certainly now live in an area of the country were barbeque is an art form.  We’re also not usually persuaded to eat barbeque in any major northern city, although we have tried (and liked) barbeque from Dinosaur BBQ (in Rochester, Syracuse, and NYC), Daisy May’s, and Blue Smoke.  Our hotel was close to Hill Country Barbeque, which many NYC foodies list on their top 10.  We decided to try it out. We’ve seen a number of places with a similar style throughout the south: a cafeteria with a meat and a sides station.  You get a tray with your crafted menu items, and the servers come to give you drinks and give you napkins.  But this is New York. We have a few basic tests for all the BBQ joints we have visited:  brisket, pork ribs, and pulled pork.  Well, no pulled pork at this place – very surprising.  They made up for this omission with one of the best briskets we’ve every […]