Connecting You to the World

Through Food.


The Serious Foodie explores the regional cuisines of the world to learn how people connect through food.  We then bring this experience to your home kitchen with quick, easy, healthy sauces, spice rubs, recipes, and more. Click HERE to see more about our story.

Korean Stir Fry



Kits, gift sets, special website-exclusive bundles, and make-your-own options. Check for the weekly specials.


Easy, Quick, Healthy

100’s of recipes using the Serious Foodie products, including a large selection of healthy lifestyle and vegetarian recipes.

Foodie Stories

Travel, farm to product, & more

We travel the world to find interesting indigenous ingredients, food cultures, and how people connect through meals.

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Explore our story

We got our start in 2015 as a family affair, blogging about food and travel – and began selling travel-inspired artisan sauces at local stores, farmers’ markets, fairs and festivals. A passion for innovative recipes and flavors soon led us to expand to our sauces, then adding spice rubs, and marinades.  As we continue to expand, our focus will always be on connecting people to the world through food.

Each product focuses on international indigenous flavors, authentic recipes, and restaurant-quality. The products are made by chefs with an artisan, small-batch approach.  Today, our products are sold in more than 1,000 locations both nationwide and internationally.



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