Let’s take a quick world tour of grilling – we will show you a selection of 10 recipes hand-picked by our experts that show off some amazing world regional grilling style.

Many of these recipes start off as meat and fish centric – but we also want to show that almost every recipe can be converted to vegan or vegetarian versions.

So fire up your favorite Green Egg, Weber, Traeger, etc. – and let’s get grilling!


Filipino Rub Grilled Pork Tacos

Let’s start with one of our new favorites: Filipino Rub Grilled Pork Tacos with an Indonesian Sambal Crema.  Our resident creative chef came up with this amazing collection of flavors, combining Asian with Mexican.  And who doesn’t like tacos and grilled food and punchy Asian flavors – the best of all worlds combined!

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Grilled Veggies with New Zealand Tamarillo Marinade

One of our favorite recipe is to skewer a bunch of veggies, and glaze them with our favorite sauce on the grill. Or season the veggies with one of our great regional spice rubs.  Serve along side of a protein, or just go all veggie – with maybe some quinoa or brown rice.  Or make your own vinaigrette to serve over grilled veggies (we have a nice vinaigrette primer on our website – click HERE), or use the  Serious Foodie Tamarillo Dressing/Marinade.

Tomatoes and leafy vegetables (like kale, Romain lettuce, Swiss chard) can also be grilled.  Slice the tomatoes, drizzle with olive oil, salt, and pepper, then place onto a grill basket or grill pan.  You can do the same with the leafy vegetables (especially Romaine lettuce), but you have to be very diligent – leafy vegetables can burn quickly.  Just a light char does the trick.

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Hawaiian Grilled Mango Chicken – Best BBQ Ever!

We like simple – especially if we get delicious and elegant at the same time.  The Serious Foodie South Pacific Spicy Mango sauce has the sweet of mango combined with tangy of fresh lime and spicy of two exotic peppers – aji Amarillo and aji crystal, a pepper we first found in Hawaii.  The spicy peppers are in balance with all the other flavors, so that the final result is only a hint of heat, with the exotic flavors of the peppers coming through.

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Pork Spare Ribs with Mediterranean Pomegranate Glaze

We’ve tried many variations on fuss-free ribs, especially if we need to make a bunch of other food for a cookout/party/tailgate.   The cooking science we used to create these tender but crispy ribs was essentially the same as we use with any tough, fatty cut of meat – a slow cooking method with a bit of acid (vinegar, lemon, lime) and salt was needed to break down the tough connective tissue.  Flavor is infused before, during, and after slow cooking.  The trick is to not completely cook the ribs in the slow cooker.  We then take the partially cooked ribs, brushed them with the Serious Foodie Mediterranean Pomegranate Sauce – place them on the grill for 2 to 5 minutes to get a caramelized surface.  And now you have the best ribs in town!

We recently tried the same recipe, starting with the Asian Fusion spice blend as a dry rub marinade.  The braising liquid had a can of beer and a half bottle of the Serious Foodie Korean Grill Sauce.  Then we brushed the them with the Serious Foodie Korean Grill Sauce, placed them on the grill for 2 to 5 minutes to get a caramelized surface. Not a single rib was left.

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Seattle Grilled Marinated Flank Steak

One of our go-to recipes for parties is our grilled marinated flank steak, served with an arugula, fennel, and toasted pine nut salad (we like to use the Meyer lemon vinaigrette – see our previous blog on vinaigrettes).  It’s simple to make, and we never have leftovers – always a good sign.

Want a vegan version?  Use portabella mushrooms instead of steak.  Or just use the yummy marinade from the recipe over any grilled vegetable.

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Salmon with Serious Foodie Peruvian Blood Orange Sauce

We love Peruvian flavors – and especially the Peruvian people.  The Peruvian cuisine is truly fusion – bringing indigenous flavors together with European and Asian influences.  The Serious Foodie Peruvian sauce uses two key ingredients imported from Peru:  Aji panca (which is a mildly spicy, slightly smoky, fruity pepper) and black mint (know as huacatay in Peru).

Try this recipe with meat or veggies – works well with simply grilled zucchini, but especially with our favorite meat substitute: portabella mushrooms.

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Argentinian Chimichurri Poblano Turkey Burger

Picture Courtesy of Feasting at Home: https://www.feastingathome.com/

We came across this wonderful recipe on the Feasting at Home website – and boy, was this delicious!  we loved the combination of ingredients in the burger, and chimicurri is one of our favorite sauces.  In our opinion, don’t ever use a store-bought chimicurri sauce – the fresh flavors never translate into a package.

You can substitute crushed black beans and cooked quinoa (about 1 cup each) for the meat – we tried it, and it was also great!



Grilled Scallops with Creamed Corn Recipe | Bon Appétit

Picture Courtesy of Bon Appetit

Southwest Grilled Scallops with Creamed Corn

There is only one way, in our opinion, to eat scallops: get them fresh, and put them on the grill.  There is nothing easier, or as delicious, as grilled scallops.  You can find the original recipe HERE, but we have an even easier version:  use one of the Serious Foodie Spice Rubs (we suggest either TexMex, which will have a similar flavor to the Bon Appetit recipe, or go with Filipino Grill Rub).  Dry rub the scallops about 1 hour before cooking.

We really liked the creamed corn version of the Bon Appetit recipe – but then we tried roasting the corn on the grill, cutting it off, then making a bit of a salsa: mix the corn with some Serious Foodie Hatch Chili Sauce, a splash of apple cider vinegar, and a tablespoon of Mexican crema.  It was much easier, a bit healthier, and just as yummy.

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Grilled Shrimp with Oregano and Lemon Recipe - Ethan Stowell | Food & Wine

Picture Courtesy of FoodandWine.com

Italian Grilled Shrimp with Oregano and Lemon

The sauce for this shrimp recipe is a simple version of a sauce know as salmoriglio, typically made with lemon and fresh herbs in a mortar.  We’ve used similar versions many times, tracing to our founder’s Southern Italian heritage.  Try variations of this sauce, using balsamic vinegar instead of lemon – then spoon it on grilled swordfish. This is one of our go-to summer recipes.



Picture Courtesy of Delish.com

Asian Grilled Chicken Wings

We’ve fried our chicken wings and we’ve baked our chicken wings, but there’s a special place in our heart for these super easy grilled chicken wings. They cook up fast (like, 15 to 20 minutes fast), they can be coated in a seriously delicious spice rub, and you can put together a bold dipping sauce you’ll want to eat with everything.

The original Delish.com recipe is great – but we especially want to call out the grilling technique.  Instead of their spice blend, we used the Serious Foodie Chinese BBQ blend – which is amazing on its own.  But then we upped our game by making a spicy blend of Serious Foodie Indonesian Sambal and mayo.  As we’ve said, sambal is becoming the new sriracha! (Read the full sambal story HERE).

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