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Easy Party Foods

We assembled a collection of quick & delicious appetizers for any party - tailgating, dinner party, pot-luck, etc. Our suggestions:  Have a theme, keep it simple, and have some fun.  We've combed the web to find some star-worthy recipes, along with some of our own originals.   Crostini Let's start with one of the easiest - and most versatile - appetizers:  crostini (or bruschetta; click HERE for an explanation about the differences).  We featured a crostini recipe with brie, arugula, and Serious Foodie Fig/Orange sauce, along with links to other websites for other crostini recipes.  Check out these cool crostini recipes: Kale & White Bean (click HERE), Sweet Potato & Feta (click HERE), Radish & Miso Butter (click HERE), and Smoked Trout & Apple (click HERE). Nachos And the cousin to crostini?  Nachos!  There’s nothing like piled-up chips with your favorite flavors, but you might want to add some twists.  We bought a bunch of flavors from the Better Chip company: Chipotle, Salsa Verde, Beet, and Spinach/Kale.  We dressed up the beet chips with diced veggies, then drizzled with a spicy Caesar dressing (regular Caesar with some hot sauce).  Next, we put some Serious Foodie Hatch Chile Sauce on the salsa [...]

Magical Mashed Potatoes – A Homage to Joel Robuchon's L'Atelier in NYC

On a cold day in February (2013), we strolled down 58th Street in NYC, and walked into the Four Seasons Hotel to get out of the cold for a few minutes.  We walked to the back of the hotel to see what was happening at one of our favorite restaurants, only to find that Joel Robuchon’s L’Atelier was closed.  We had one of our most memorable meals at L’Atelier, ranking on our all time top ten (a very hard list to make).  We loved the mix of French style service with Asian influenced flavors, albeit one of the most expensive meals on our list.  There was an amazing eel “napoleon,” a fois gras stuffed quail, and a passion fruit soup that we’ll never forget.  As a homage to this magnificent restaurant, here is our version of the super-rich mashed potatoes that is a signature dish of Chef Robuchon, potatoes that are like pudding. Ingredients – 1 lb Ratte potatoes (can also use fingerlings or Yukon Gold potatoes) – 1/2 lb unsalted high quality butter – 1/2 to 3/4 cup hot milk – Salt to taste You will need a potato ricer, and a chinois or tamis to make this recipe.  […]