Paleo or vegetarian? It’s a hard choice when trying to lose some weight, and wanting to maintain a healthy diet (we’re not going to be making any value judgments on meat versus vegetables here). We tried a strict vegetarian diet – and lost hardly any weight. Too many legumes and grains drove our carb load up. It’s not impossible, just hard. But we’re not knocking the veggie/vegan trend at all, but we just need to lose a few pounds. And many of us do like our meat.

Here’s our compromise: 3 days vegetarian, 3 days paleo. We leave one day for “cheating”, adding maybe a bit of carb. So far, so good. After a few weeks, we’re down a few pounds.

When we do our vegetarian thing, we absolutely need and want flavor. But without adding much in the way of calories. So here’s a few tricks:

• Use sauces. Lots of flavor packed into a small amount of calories. Our favorites are Serious Foodie Korean sauce and sriracha (the natural, organic stuff if you can find it).

Flavored oils and vinegars. If you like mushroom, then drizzle a bit of truffle oil over anything. Not cheap stuff, but a little bit goes a long way. Or make your own.

Spice blends and spice rubs. If you’ve followed us for a bit, you know how obsessed we are with using these. Use a good blend or rub on tofu or eggs – less salt, more action. How about over those boring rice and beans? Instance pizzazz. Tired of that roasted chicken, or dull steak? All you need is love, and a bit of spice rub. Check out the collection of Serious Foodie spice rubs HERE.

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