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The Serious Foodie 10 Steps for Sexy Meals

We have a saying at the Serious Foodie – there is nothing sexier than good food and good wine.  This is especially true for Valentine’s Day, which is our second least-favorite day to dine out (next to New Year’s Eve).  Why?  The good to great restaurants are packed, the kitchens are stressed, the prices are higher, and many places will dumbed-down the menus to accommodate the folks who venture out only on Valentine’s Day.  Besides, this is THE DAY for the Serious Foodie to impress with a hand-crafted meal for the significant other(s) in our life, with matching wines, candle light, flowers, and other romantic touches. Besides recipes and ingredients, you should also consider certain DO’s and DON’Ts.  Here is our Serious Foodie 10 steps for sexy meals which will help you to impress your date, get another date, and who knows what else? [/vc_column_text][vc_separator color=”black”][vc_column_text] 10 Steps for Sexy Meals [/vc_column_text][vc_column_text] Not all great food is date food! Make sure you find out likes/dislikes before you start getting your ingredients together (“Didn’t you know that I’m allergic to shellfish??!!!) Don’t just buy the most expensive ingredients, especially if you haven’t had experience with them.  For instance, do you really […]

Wine Tastings – Interesting Italian Whites – Zenato Lugana

For a very long time, we very rarely chose an Italian white wine – in fact, we mostly avoided it, considering Italian whites as large production, mass marketed fruit juice.  About 7 years ago, we were at a Wine Spectator event.  The place was paced, and it was hard to get to the wines we had on our list.  We passed by a booth for Cantina Terlano, from Alto Adige – there was no line, so we decided to give their (mostly white) wines a try.  It was truly an eye-opening experience.  Most notable were the sauvignon blanc (called Quarz) and the Gewürztraminer.  The sauvignon was enticingly exotic in the glass, having herbal aromas with a slight exotic fruit overtone.  The taste was reminiscent of the New Zealand, with multilayered fruits of mango, papaya, lime and red grapefruit, but still a bit of sophisticated flint.  The acid balance was very refined, creating a harmonious opulence with a long and impressive finish.  We bought as much as we could find, and still drink the Cantina Terlano wines on a regular basis. Our goal has been to search out more of these small, dedicated producers who have found a niche for making […]