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Artisan Cocktails – Made Easy

We love the artisan cocktail movement - and if you've followed our social media feeds, you know that we've tried quite a few at many places in our travels.  But now that we're staying put, what about upping your game at home? As we are finding with other pantry items like pickles, spice rubs, and gourmet sauces, there is an increasing number of artisan producers of excellent (and fun) cocktail mixers, bitters, and other additives (like vinegar - see our report on artisan vinegars.  Click HERE). We were particularly inspired to write this blog when we came across an outstanding product at a local food gathering - the cocktail mixers from Bungalow 23 (www.B23Mixers.com).   Each of their offerings - Pear Ginger Martini, Prickly Pear Margarita, and Blueberry Lemon Drop - start with fresh ingredients, and are prepared in a way that would make the best mixologist jealous.  We mixed the Pear Ginger with our favorite premium bourbon (Bulleit), and fell in love. At the same gathering, we also tasted an outstanding artisan pickle from Nutpop Pickle Company (www.NutpopPickles.com).  We made ourselves a dry martini (using our favorite hand-crafted potato vodka, Boyd and Blair), and substituted spicy pickled curry chips instead [...]