We received a wonderful gift from our future son-in-law (he’s getting lots of brownie points) – a gift certificate to have Chef Cristian Feher cook for us (The Tampa Bay Chef: http://www.tampabaychef.com/). Chef Feher is well-trained, and has traveled the world to learn his craft.
As a life-style choice, he decided to become a personal chef, and has done very well for himself in this business model. He came to our home with a stack of food, his personal kitchen tool kit, and an eagerness to get started right away.  Our dinner was learning experience besides a culinary experience, as we gleaned some wonderful (and simple) techniques along the way.  Ever dish was garnished to perfection:  simple and elegant.  We even learned how to use a Joyce Chen Spiral Slicer (a long forgotten kitchen tool stuck in the bottom of one of our drawers).

Cristian stuffed mushroom 2014-02-06 17.51.50

Chef Feher’s stuffed mushroom

Cristian paella 2014-02-06 19.01.36

Chef Feher’s paella

The menu included a gigantic stuffed portabella mushroom, herb crusted lamb chops, and a classic paella. We were surprised by the quantity, and we enjoyed left-overs for a week! We would strongly recommend Chef Feher for a special evening, cooking lessons, or an event.  We are sharing one of the recipes from the evening: herb crusted lamb chops.  Press “Next” to see the recipe.  Enjoy!

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