Blue Bottle - Aaron

Chef Aaron – the kitchen ninja

First and foremost – Congratulations to the owners on their newest “staff” member!
There are so many wonderful experiences that MrSeriousFoodie has had at the Blue Bottle, many with his wife the DinnerDoctor. We wish we could still walk to our favorite place – the “Cheers” of restaurants, where everyone knows our name.  My latest experience with four other close friends shows that Chef Aaron continues to raise the bar on exceptional food, and reasonable prices.
2013-05-01 Blue Bottle quail & lobster

Blue Bottle quail & lobster

Four of the us had the hoisin glazed pork belly with homemade kimchi to start,. The pork belly is somewhat of a hold-over from the previous menu, and thankfully so – it was done perfectly, with the right amount of sweetness on the pork belly matched with the salty-spicy kimchi. We all shared the homemade pasta “carbonara,” a playful combination created by Chef Aaron, which included an amazing deep fried egg yolk. The main course was maybe the best dish I’ve had in years – a quail and lobster combination. The lobster was butter poached – sweet and succulent – and the quail was perfectly done. The sauce brought the two proteins in harmony, with the dish separated by wonderful duck-fat cooked potato slices. R&A – keep it coming!  We compare every other restaurant to the Blue Bottle standard.

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