We’ve worked hard to put together a series of salad recipes that you can use any time: parties, holidays, tailgating, picnic, pot lucks.  So put down that store-bought bag of greens and store-bought dressing.

Here is our collection of simple, healthy gourmet salad recipes that will put an elegant touch to any meal – whether it’s an casual weekday, or a special occasion.  Click HERE to see our feature recipe: Pear Cranberry Salad with Serious Foodie Fig/Orange dressing.

Warm Spinach/Fennel/Apple Salad

Crazy simple – and healthy & really delicious.  It’s a change up from the standard warm spinach salad, with a lot more interesting things happening.  Add some feta if you like.  Or some bacon.  What makes this recipe work is the dressing.  You just might want to pour this over everything.  Click HERE for the full recipe.

Quinoa Salad with Beets and Oranges

We are always for raising our game when it comes to healthy eating – and two of our favorite components are beets and quinoa.  There is a ton of nutrition and flavor in both of these, and this simple salad (which can also serve as a meatless main course) has it all. Click HERE for the full recipe.

Moroccan Carrot Salads 

Tal Ronnen - Courtesy Food Republic website

Tal Ronnen – Courtesy Food Republic website

After tasting a version of a Moroccan carrot salad at a Philadelphia restaurant, we researched a number of recipes – tasting at least a dozen different versions.  We are published our favorites, and we hope that you’ll be intrigued enough to try a few. Click HERE for the recipes.

Roasted Vegetable Salad with Peruvian Blood Orange Sauce

Roasted vegetables are great any time of the year, but especially now.  The Fall gives us a nice bounty, and the cooler weather gets us back in the kitchen – it’s nice to use the indoor oven again. The roasted vegetables in this recipe can be used right out of the oven, or converted into a salad.  The salad idea came to us as a way to serve these delightful veggies at a function where re-heating would be hard (think Tailgate Party).  For roasting, use any vegetable that will hold up in the oven – root vegetables of any type work well.  Click HERE for the full recipe.

Salad with Honey Roasted Plums

While the Serious Foodie philosophy is to cook what’s fresh, what’s in season, sometimes, there are exceptions.  There were beautiful plums at the local store, coming from Chile in November.  We secured a bunch of large black and red plums, along with red-tipped lettuce, arugula,fresh radishes, and a sprouted celery root. It made for a pretty, and awesome, salad.  Click HERE for the full recipe.


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