MrSeriousFoodie and wife DinnerDoctor, along with MsL-Foodie, checked out David Burke’s Townhouse for Sunday Brunch.  MsL-Foodie was there recently for dinner, and is a big fan of Chef Burke’s restaurants.  MrSeriousFoodie and DinnerDoctor have tried his Rumson, NJ restaurant Fromagerie, and were delighted with the food.  The Townhouse was better – more fun, great atmosphere, high-end food that’s approachable & beautiful, and, most importantly, it was delicious.  This was definitely an experience worthy of waking up early for on Sunday.

Nice wines by the glass, especially a great selection of sparkling varieties made for the Sunday brunch experience – kudos to the sommelier.  MsL-Foodie had her usual Bloody Mary, done the way she likes it.  It went well with her beginning course, the salmon and tuna tartare parfait – a beautiful starter.

David Burke Townhouse - salmon&tuna tartare parfait

Salmon & Tuna Tartare Parfait

The DinnerDoctor had the goat cheese souffle – it was good, but the duck prosciutto that came along for the ride was delightful.

David Burke Townhouse - goat cheese souffle

Goat Cheese Souffle

Mr SeriousFoodie went for the pretzel crusted crab cake.  It wasn’t the best crab cake we ever had (the inside was a bit dry, and not real flavorful), but it was definitely the most creative preparation and presentation.

David Burke Townhouse - crab cake

Pretzel Crusted Crab Cake

The main courses were truly wonderful – again the star was MsL-Foodie’s dish, which was the lobster bread pudding.  We were all suffering a bit of food overload at this point, but we all savored tastes of this wonderful dish.
David Burke Townhouse - lobster bread pudding

Lobster Bread Pudding

DinnerDoctor’s dish was also a hit – just because it was so much fun.  How can you not love a dish called “Duck, Duck, Duck?”  No Donald or Daffy on this plate, but so much fun:  Duck confit, duck prosciutto, and a poached duck egg. All it needed was some quackers.
David Burke Townhouse - duck duck duck

Duck, Duck, Duck

Yes, we were stuffed – but we had to try David Burke’s great desserts – and they didn’t disappoint.  The DinnerDoctor had the butterscotch panna cotta, which was creamy, very flavorful, and  presented in a picture-perfect style.  Each dessert was fun, but the best were the donuts – served on a Ferris wheel stand, and had three sauces/fillings: coffee/chocolate, salted caramel, and strawberry daiquiri.  Along with six perfect donuts were four perfect chocolate covered strawberries.

David Burke donuts A

David Burke Donuts

The donuts were served piping hot, and each diner got to use their choice of filling.  Simply poke holes in the donuts with the squeeze bottle, give a few pumps, and low and behold you have your own filled donuts.  Just amazing preparation – fun, delicious.  That seems to be Chef Burke’s overall theme.

David Burke Donuts C

Fill the Donuts!


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