Guest review, Signore Georgio from Colorado, sent me the following review on a high end tasting, but value priced wine:
“We tried a new (for us) wine while on Molokai, HI:  the 2012 Butter, CA chardonnay.  We enjoyed the wine, but we like most wines while on Molokai, and ordered 3 bottles online once we returned to CO.  The wine is aptly named as it is lightly oaked and has a real softness to it.  Interestingly, we drank this wine over 3 nights and it got better each night.  The winemaker, Rob Lloyd, used to be the winemaker for Rombauer, a favorite value wine of ours, and there are similarities between the two wines – but the Butter Chardonnay is less than half the price. It appears the winery is out of the 2012 but a few wine stores still have it in stock.  I look forward to tasting the 2013 to see if the winery can, or will, continue making appealing chardonnay in this same price range.  If the 2013 is as good as the 2012, I’ll be tracking down a case at least.”
A note to our readers:  Signore Georgio from Colorado and his wife have a great collection of wines, so we look forward to more contributions!
Check out the California chardonnay review on  It’s a very thoughtful and well presented blog on the subject.

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