The last week of February, MrSeriousFoodie and the DinnerDoctor paid a visit to NYC to have a long weekend on the town.  We strolled down 58th Street, and walked into the Four Seasons Hotel to get out of the cold for a few minutes.  We walked to the back of the hotel to see what was happening at one of our favorite restaurants, only to find that Joel Robuchon’s L’Atelier was closed.  We sat for a few minutes in the hotel lobby, talking about some of our great dining experiences in restaurants that are no more: La Chanterelle in NYC (the NYTimes said, “I can easily and confidently say that Chanterelle was not only one of the best, obviously, but also in its own class of for great food and service.”), The Ryland Inn in White House Station, NJ (when it was run by Craig Shelton), Specchio by Luke Palladino, and Le Bec Fin when it was run by Chef George Perrier.  We’re sure that there are many more – so, we’re looking for feedback.  What were some of your favorite experiences in restaurants that are no more?
We’ll be doing a little homage to the restaurants mentioned above, providing some recipes and stories.

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