We were wandering through the more touristy section of Key West FL, off of the north end of Duval Street, looking for some gelato. We ignored the typical island-type ice cream shops, trying to find something that had a bit charm and authenticity.  What we found was outstanding – true artisans, making fresh gelato daily, with flavors and textures that rival the best in Italy.  Servers Steve and Giancarlo walked us through their gelato selection, giving us a taste of whatever we wanted.  We had a nice talk with the Giancarlo, mostly in Italian, and 2013-05-08 Duetto gelatoappreciated his patience with our limited vocabulary.  The flavors of each gelato “popped” in our mouth – intense flavors, but somehow in balance with the cream/egg base.

We did not taste their pizza on our first visit, but we know that folks are raving about it on TripAdvisor. Their dedication to the best fresh ingredients attests to their devoted followers. We had to find out if the buzz was warranted, so went back the next day for lunch, having slices of margarita pizza and a focaccia sandwich of proscuitto, arugula, fresh tomato, and cheese – all were top flight.   The crust was just right – airy, light, perfectly crisp.  The sauce and cheese were very flavorful, and were sprinkled with just the right amount of oregano – not the cheap stuff that tastes metallic.  This oregano was probably the fine Greek variety, which has the aroma of a newly mowed lawn.   And the coffee – meraviglioso!  These folks know their coffee.  The cappuccino was the exact blend of flavorful coffee and foamed milk.  The coffee had a strong, distinctive flavor without  being bitter.  Even though we’re not neighbors, this has to be on our list of neighborhood gems.  If you are ever in Key West, stop in, and let them know that MrSeriousFoodie sent you.

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