Mediterranean Grilling and Braising Collection

Many of the products from Serious Foodie were inspired by our deep exploration of Mediterranean cuisine. The Mediterranean is, and has been for thousands of years , the crossroad between the Western Asian, North African and many European civilizations. The Mediterranean food culture has influenced many nations. With this product set, we help you explore some of the flavors that are unique to the Mediterranean region.

2 Bold Sauces and 3 Spice Blends from the Mediterranean Region. All Natural, Vegan, Soy-free, Umami Rich, and a Bit Spicy. A great gourmet gift for foodies

  • Pomegranate Grill Sauce & Marinade: A sweet and vibrant, Mediterranean inspired sauce with a hint of orange, best used with poultry, lamb, beef, or veggies. (One 10 oz bottle included.)
  • The spicy, complex peppers from the hills of Calabria are the foundation of this wonderful sauce, based on my Nonna’s original Calabrian recipe. Add a heaping spoonful to a bowl of pasta and fresh basil for an easy gourmet meal (one 6 oz. jar included).
  • Moroccan Grill Rub (North African; Harissa): Exotic and complex, savory and spicy flavors. (One 3 oz package included.)
  • The Sicilian Blend is an all-around multi-purpose seasoning with a bit of spicy flavors. Add to pasta sauce or hamburgers for a zesty, flavorful experience.
  • The Spanish La Plancha Blend adds beautiful color and a bit of smoky, warm flavors to foods, without spicy heat. Use in paella, roast chicken, pork, or veggies
  • Gluten free, all natural, with no preservatives
  • See individual product listing for ingredients

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