Flavors of the Southwest

Our collection of Southwest flavors gives you some of our favorite ingredients to cook up some quick meals with lots of bold flavors.  The Mexican Grill Sauce, the Hatch Chili Sauce, and the TexMex spice blend are easy to use individually or in combination – whether you are grilling, braising, or sauteing.

The cuisine of the Southwestern is similar to Mexican cooking, combined with the ingredients and cooking styles of Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico along with the Spanish traditions seen throughout this region.  You'll see a lot of pepper components in the sauces and the rubs, but they are not necessarily spicy hot.  But they are spicy, giving lots of bold flavors to dishes.   The products in this set include:

  • We have sourced our Hatch chilies from individual artisan producers, allowing us to match a unique ingredient to a unique taste profile. You will find hints of hickory, flavors of Southwest cooking, and an exotic flavor of passion fruit that matches perfectly.
  • The Serious Foodie Mexican Mole Grill Sauce is an exciting, slightly spicy, savory sauce that works well with meat, fish, and poultry – but you’ll find yourself using it on anything and everything. Use as a grill sauce, a braising base in a slow cooker, or just a dipping sauce. Perfect for tacos, burritos, salads and even breakfast dishes.
  • With the fusion of the cuisine of the United States and Mexico, the Tex-Mex rub focuses on the flavors of San Antonio in the summer with smoke, pepper, cumin, and garlic as the core. Make truly great BBQ using this rub on beef, chicken, and pork.
  • All are gluten free, vegan, all natural, with no preservatives


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