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Rosso di Spicca – The Chateauneuf de Pape of Italy

We start this series of 20 under $20 with one of the best, most alluring, and maybe the most obscure wines of Italy.  Rosso di Spicca (Pronounced Row-So dee Spee-ka) is a Ovietano Rosso – a red wine coming from the Ovieto region of Umbria in central Italy.  Many people know the white wines from Ovieto, and there are many good, and a few great, Ovieto white wines.  The vast majority of the Ovieto white wines are under $20, so you will see a blog about these very soon. But most folks, even my go-to Italian wine merchant (Will at were a bit stumped by these hidden gem.  We first came across this wonder in the wine store attached to our favorite Italian market in Florida (Mazzaro‘s in St. Petersburg – as for Jeff). We were looking for an interesting red wine that would match well with an array of food flavors – and Jeff from Mazzaro’s said this was the best.  He was right. The Ovietano Rosso is a relatively new designation, being recognized as a DOC in 1998.  We coined it as the Chateauneuf de Pape of Italy because it is typically made from a blend of […]

20 under $20 – Who Doesn't Like a Bargain

Cheap doesn’t always mean bad – but you’ve got to be careful.  We’ve unfortunately been stuck with bad cheap wine, mostly at restaurants (that we no longer frequent).  We’ve had some bad expensive wine (mostly from folks who don’t know how to store wine properly). We’re here to help sort out the good, the bad, and the down-right ugly from the best. This series was spurred on by our two grown kids, who now like to drink good wine from time to time.  They wanted a selection to fit their budget, but still impress their friends and significant others.  The DinnerDoctor and MrSeriousFoodie have come to the rescue with wines from all over the world that are bound to fit your tastes and pocket book. Be warned, though…..Many of the wines we find come are limited production, and might be hard to find.  We’ll have some suggestions, but you might be doing some web browsing to get the best of the best.  It will be worth the effort. Coming in a few weeks will be our lists, which will be updated every quarter, providing simple access to our favorite great bargain wines. Salute!

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