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We Connect Home Chefs/Foodies to a World of Flavor Through Our Products.

The founders of Serious Foodie literally have traveled the world to experience unique, regional cuisines.  Originally created in 2014 as a food/travel blog, we decided that it would be fun, and a great service, to share some of our experiences by bringing regional world cuisines to other serious foodies.  The original sauces – now our “Signature Sauce” line – come directly from places we’ve traveled, and chefs that have shared their secrets with us.

We started to sell our products in late 2015 at stores in the Tampa Bay area, food festivals, and farmers’ markets.  Our products now include  sauces, marinades, and spice rubs, all with a regional focus.

We can now be found in over 1000 stores nationwide and internationally, as well as on Amazon and the Serious Foodie website.

Our goal is to make home gourmet cooking simple and interesting – and to connect people by sharing food cultures from around the world.  We say that we can learn about people and culture by the ways they share meals with one another – food is a common language.

Each product is developed by professional chefs who work to create a restaurant-quality experience for the home chef.  The products are made using a small batch, artisan approach, with an eye on the quality of each and every ingredient, down to the salt we use. We look to use at least one ingredient in each product that is region-specific.

We are also serious about supporting our community through charitable giving. We currently support FreeSet, the Rotary Foundation Microloan project, and No Kid Hungry.

Jim Pachence

President & Founder

Anna Stebbins

Director of Customer Relations

Jesse Layman

Consulting Head Chef

We connect people through the shared experience of food.

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