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Your options for a home cooked gourmet meal tonight are limitless. Let's start by choosing the sauce.


This sauce type is used as a slow-cook method, creating a delicate dish with deeply ingrained flavor. At the start, pour the entire content of the jar to cover your protein or vegetables.


This type of sauce gets applied towards the end of cooking to create a delicious glaze. You will season and cook your dish first, then apply the finishing sauce towards the end.


Blood Orange and Aji Panca Cooking Sauce

Our blood orange aji panca cooking sauce is inspired by Peruvian cuisine, which is a true food-fusion culture.  Peruvian cuisine is among the most varied in the world, integrating influences from local and immigrant cultures. Aji Panca is a type of pepper commonly grown in Peru, and frequently used in Peruvian cuisine. It is a deep dark red, mild pepper with a smoky, fruity taste, which matches perfectly with blood orange. A hint of ginger gives this sauce multiple layers of flavor.

We suggest that you combine this sauce with any meat or fish while cooking – or simply add it at the end of cooking as a condiment.  It is also excellent as an complement to cheese and vegetables.


Pomegranate Finishing Sauce

Sweet/tangy pomegranate is combined perfectly with orange juice, onions, and other natural ingredients to provide a vibrant, Mediterranean-inspired sauce.  The pomegranate, once considered a rare & exotic ingredient, is now found everywhere.  It has its origins in the area of Iran to northern India, and spread throughout the Mediterranean region.  Ancient writings and drawings about the fruit have been found both in Northern Africa and the Far East – A large, dry pomegranate was found in the tomb of the butler of Queen Hatshepsut in Egypt (circa 1500 BC – courtesy of Wikipedia).

This sauce is perfect for poultry and pork, either added at the end of cooking or as a glaze while cooking – think “Up-scaled BBQ sauce”.  Our pomegranate sauce is a wonderful way to complement your dishes with its sweet/tart freshness – try it on beef ribs, or experiment with desserts. Have some fun – pour it over cheesecake, rice pudding, or ice cream.


Roasted Hatch Chile Cooking Sauce

Hatch, a town in New Mexico is widely known as a designer chile headquarters – the confluence of soil and climate in the fertile Hatch/Rio Grande Valleys somehow makes peppers from this area very unique.  In addition, the Hatch, NM area farmers are constantly developing new breeds and various tastes to satisfy an increasing demand.  They are constantly introducing pepper variations, using only seeds generated in their area. At their annual Hatch Chile Festival during Labor Day Weekend, you will find foodies and chefs from all over the world tasting the Hatch chiles and all sorts of foods made from their local star.

We have sourced our Hatch chiles from individual artisan producers, allowing us to match a unique ingredient to a unique taste profile.  You will find hints of hickory, flavors of Southwest cooking, and an exotic flavor of passion fruit that matches perfectly.  Please note that we currently are selling the Medium Heat version.  The mild version will be available soon.


Calimyrna Fig and Orange Finishing Sauce

Figs are often paired with sweet oranges, with a touch of extra virgin olive oil, in Southern Italy, then used in salads, alongside fish, pork, poultry – or used with cheese or dessert. We combine these wonderful figs along with oranges and sweet/tart Meyer lemons to create the very versatile Serious Foodie Calimyrna Fig & Orange Finishing Sauce.

In the 1700s, figs came to America via an influx of European explorers, primarily Spanish and Italian, who planted figs along the West Coast of Mexico and California, where a commercial industry took root in the Central Valley in the late 1800s.

Like most fruit, figs are not created equal – there are various species, and some figs change their flavor profile depending on where they are grown.  Of the hundreds and hundreds of cultivated varieties, we find that the Calimyrna figs are among the favorites of American chefs.  Though originating from Turkey (and named for the famous Turkish city Smyrna),  this uniquely American variety has light-green to yellow skin with a delicate flavor of honey, apricot jam, butterscotch, caramel, and a pronounced nuttiness from the numerous soft seeds.



Mango and Aji Amarillo Cooking Sauce

Mango is a very prolific island sauce, particularly the Pacific islands such as Hawaii, where they typically match sweet & savory with roasted pork, fish, grilled shrimp, or chicken. There is always a spicy pepper element to these island sauces. The Serious Foodie version uses a combination of the wonderfully fruity Aji Amarillo and Aji Crystal peppers. The sauce is a gourmet balance – Not overly spicy and uses complementary flavors of orange, lemon, lime, and fresh cilantro.

We suggest that you combine this sauce with any meat or fish while cooking, or simply add it at the end as a condiment. It can be used as a grilling sauce for shrimp, or as a glaze pork, chicken, or fish. Additionally, it can be used to braise meat.


Mirasol Mole Cooking Sauce

Mole is a sauce that is both common and exotic, made with various flavors and ingredients, and with a number of chili peppers, throughout Mexico. The dish has become a culinary symbol of Mexico’s mixed indigenous and European heritage.   The ingredients of mole can be grouped into five distinct classes: chiles, sour, sweet, spices, and thickeners (such as nuts).  Unsweetened chocolate is one of the most common Mole ingredients.

The Serious Foodie Mirasol Mole is an exciting, balanced sauce that works well with meat, fish, and eggs.  The star ingredient is the fresh mirasol pepper, which is a fruity, medium hot pepper. Our sauce uses the fresh version of mirasol to give a wonderful unique taste.


Romesco Finishing Sauce

Romesco sauce is a Spanish version of Italian pesto, typically containing ground nuts (almonds, pine nuts, hazelnuts), garlic, olive oil, roasted tomatoes, vinegar, and red peppers.  The sauce originated in the Northeastern part of Spain, where the fisherman would serve it with seafood.

The Serious Foodie Romesco Finishing Sauce is a unique twist on this Spanish classic, using lemon drop peppers to spice it up a notch.  If you love both citrus tang and peppery spice, then the lemon drop pepper is a chili that you must get to know. We use fresh, all natural ingredients (non-GMO), use no artificial preservatives, and all of our sauces are gluten free.  This sauce deliciously pairs with meat, fish, shell fish, poultry, eggs.  As with our other products, we use small batch production to obtain a restaurant-quality product to provide a quick, healthy, and easy gourmet meal for the home kitchen.


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