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Our Popcorn Obsession

Obsessed. With. Popcorn. And it’s probably a good thing. Along with many others, the Serious Foodie has resolved to put more healthy eating and a bit of weight loss on the menu for 2018. We started our plan first off looking for a snacking routine that was low calorie, satisfying,…

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Easy Party Foods

We assembled a collection of quick & delicious appetizers for any party - tailgating, dinner party, pot-luck, etc. Our suggestions:  Have a theme, keep it simple, and have some fun.  We've combed the web to find some star-worthy recipes, along with some of our own originals.   Crostini Let's start...

Easy Gourmet Salad Recipes

We’ve worked hard to put together a series of salad recipes that you can use any time: parties, holidays, tailgating, picnic, pot lucks.  So put down that store-bought bag of greens and store-bought dressing. Here is our collection of simple, healthy gourmet salad recipes that will put an elegant touch…

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West African Paradise Shrimp

Grains of Paradise looks and tastes a little bit like a standard black peppercorn, except…. This wonderfully exotic spice come from a leafy plant West Africa, and is a closer relative to ginger than the black peppercorn. The name was given to this spice in the middle ages by some…

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