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Chocolate Decadence

One of our very “Serious” friends – Texans Alan and Jacqui – agreed to share their amazing chocolate dessert that paired perfectly with the wines from our recent Sangiovese Tasting event.  It is a simple, elegant recipe that will surely impress your guests.  Try it with red wine, or wines…

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Pasta Alla Carbonara – With a Twist

We visited our local Italian market (Mazarro’s in St. Petersburg, FL),  and came across guanciale.  It’s not easy to find in the US, and most people would mistake it for pancetta.  However, guanciale has a much more “porky” flavor than bacon or pancetta, and has a surprisingly delicate texture.  In…

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Duck Hash Recipe Inspired by 39 Rue de Jean

During our January 2014 foodie road trip, we made a stop to Charleston, SC.  We had dinner reservations at some fabulous restaurants (check out the other reviews), and wondered around the town during the day.  We stumbled on 39 Rue de Jean just as we needed to get brunch/lunch, and…

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Poached Dried Figs

When traveling through central Italy, especially Tuscany, you will find that the concept of dessert is often not what we see in the USA.  Most often fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts, and cheese will be served after dinner. In many cities and regions, it is not unusual to see sweet…

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Italian Easter Pie – Torta Pasqualina alla Mickalene

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Growing up in an Italian Catholic family was all about family, food, and tradition.  One great tradition was making the Easter Pie. During the Lenten season, we all fasted, especially on Good Friday (no meat) and on Holy Saturday.  When it came to Easter Sunday, we splurged. I can remember…

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